Experimentation Culture Awards

In 2021 Team Experimentation of bol.com won the Experimentation Culture Awards. Denise Visser is the Product Manager of this Team Experimentation, and she was invited to share the story on Conversion Hotel.

It all started with a submission to the contest. Beside some administration question, a description of the case was asked (in max. 1000 _characters_ – in the original I made some typos, which I corrected in this version)
“Within bol.com we have 1 centralized Team Experimentation. We make it ridiculously easy for everybody to run experiments. Up until now we were focused on IT-teams. We implemented a BeaconID which is sent along in the request header and stored in the analytics tool and the experimentation set-up. This facilitates teams to run (back-end) experiments independently and also gain insights from user behaviour in the front-end.

We broadened our scope to support quasi-experiments and observational studies. We want to store all the learnings and insights from all researchtypes. Just to make our colleagues smarter, so they can come up with the best solution for the users of their product.

Guardrail metrics like # customer cases and # returns are provided, to make experimenters more aware of the overall effect of their experiments. It also helps in getting more ambassadors of the experimentation culture.

The team is famous within bol.com for our good support and knowledge sharing.”

Based on this, we were invited to have an interview.

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